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Performance tested angus bulls for sale. Our program is committed to producing moderate birth weight cattle with excellent maternal traits. Our cattle must perform and maintain their condition in a range environment with minimal inputs. We have taken a balanced, middle of the road approach in our selection criteria. One only has to look at the current and past trends of most breeds and you will see that most are on a constant course of correction from the last problem. Selecting for excessive frame or growth has never been profitable for the commercial producer. We are first and foremost, a commercial rancher. We started producing bulls over thirty years ago, because we couldn’t find a consistent seedstock source that was producing the productive, feminine, trouble free type of female we were seeking. We sought out proven maternal genetics with high accuracy and started integrating them into our herds. Our program has developed over the years and we still strive to produce an optimum female that will produce a quality calf and take care of herself year around with minimal inputs. We strive hard to select for a cost-efficient level of performance and put a lot of emphasis on fertility and longevity. We have had females last in production into their early twenties without missing a calving interval or weaning a subpar calf. We have multiple cows in the herd now that are into their teens. Structural soundness, excellent udder quality, foot and leg structure, and fleshing ability are very high on our list of criteria as well. Let’s face it, it takes several years to pay for a cow. Most of the current national angus herd has a higher daily protein and energy requirement than most western range can support without supplementation. By selecting cows that are better adapted to their environment, they have significantly better longevity, and, thus, increased profitability. Only the top end of our bull calves are retained as bulls. If we feel they won’t replicate the type we produce, we do not retain them and offer their genetics. We have sought out sons of the great matrons of the breed that produced the type we desire well into their teens. Our herd sires are sons and grandsons of the maternal legends of the breed. We currently have yearling and two year old sons and grandsons of Emulation N Bar 5522, N Bar Shadow X4124, Basin Rainmaker 654X, OCC Juneau 807J, OCC Eureka 865E, Leachman Right Time, N Bar Emulation EXT, RR Hero 6267, and Cole Creek Tequila 131. We have several flush brothers straight out of our ET program to increase consistency in your herd. Call us anytime. $3500-5500
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