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Alt-Electronica, Dark Ambient Female seeking production/collab!

Hello there!

I’m a female musician who experiments with different sounds and looking for others who share a similar vision! My ideas can’t really be fit into any specific genre... and that fact itself was why I had never taken it to the stage yet. Finding the audience I speak to is part of the discovery process, I guess!

I’m noticing that there may be some value in the territory I’m treading on and want to move forward with other like-minded folks, though. I know there is someone out there that must be on the same wavelength as far as creativity is concerned... as well as career goals.

Let’s get inspired by each other! Shall we...?

My ideas have several styles but most of what I share online can be described as alternative electronica, dark ambient wave, synth pop and folktronica.

My music, lyrics and demeanor can be very dark in nature and contradictory with some ‘soft/ethereal’ vocals. Metaphors and word play are huge players in my game...

Rock music was my forte and still is, but I’m finding more purpose in paving a different path and exploring new sounds. I’m not considered a real vocalist, at least by myself... but I can definitely come up with some workable ideas! I lack experience in performing as a solo artist but I do have experience performing live instrumentally. Ideally, I would love to team up with producers and other players that have the experience I have yet to gain!

Here are a few recent tracks I’ve come up with just to give an idea.

1) Name Dropper -

2) Eleven -

3) Chip On Your Shoulder-

4) Mother Knows Best-

If you like what you hear, I do have other tracks on my channel that I won't be advertising here.

Honestly, I’m looking to take music/creative endeavors to the next level and collaborate with others who are open minded and not afraid to be vulnerable. Ego has no place in what I’m trying to do... though as I am experimenting with different sounds...I am trying to remain relevant in today's music to a degree. It's like I am going for a sound that has radio potential but still has qualities that normally wouldn't be aired. I like to test limits...

So, I’m looking for players (guitar, bass, synth, piano, vocals and percussion), programmers, songwriters, producers and managers to team up with and make our dreams a reality. I fully believe in success feeling much more victorious when achieved with others!

I’d also be willing to join other projects if the shoe fits.... I am naturally a drummer and have the most experience with percussive instruments!

I do have connections to the industry I haven’t used because I haven’t found the right ‘team’ yet, and partly because I wonder if a DIY journey is best for what I'm trying to get off the ground. Having full creative control is important when the passion is fueled by authentic, raw emotion... and nothing else but the passion to execute it.

Another passion of mine is helping other musicians get an audience and I so badly want to help those who have raw talent get the recognition they deserve. I’m usually happy to take the back seat, but lately I’ve been wondering what could happen if I got in the passenger side for once.... or even taking the wheel!

Thank you for taking the time to listen and for your consideration! It means a lot!
I do this all myself and I'm ready to take what I know and level up with other amazing talents out there...
If you'd like to connect at all or inquire about a position/project idea...don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to hear from you.

Keep rockin, all!
Have a fantastic day!
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