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Poor Widdle Geriatric Gerry HATES when his beloved Dear Leader is CAUGHT IN LIES THAT ARE EASILY PROVEN. He thinks I am "frothing at the mouth" and having "meltdowns" because Der Fuhrer has LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and his sheeple FALL FOR HIS BULLSHIT.

It pisses him off even MORE that I am retired, sucking up Social Security (THAT I AND MY EMPLOYER PAID INTO FOR YEARS, the SAME Social Security that "Little Paulie" sucked up when HIS father died and who had NO QUALMS about it and is now BOUND AND DETERMINED to kill the "entitlement" as HE sail off to retirement with a PENSION HE NEVER PAID INTO, FULL MEDICAL FOREVER and a "consulting job" paying MILLIONS) AND I get food stamps, housing allowances, energy assistance and I VOLUNTEER AT THE PROGRAMS HE AND HIS FELLOW REPUBLICUNTS ARE DETERMINED TO DESTROY.

I worked for 35 years for a company, they went tits up, FIRED US ALL WITH NO WARNING, NO PAY OWED, NO ACCRUED VACATION AND SICK TIME AND SUCKED OUR PENSION FUND DRY. They "reorganized", got a BOATLOAD of tax breaks, "modernized (again with BIGLY tax breaks) hired new people at HALF THE WAGES AND NO BENEFITS AND GAVE THE CEO A 15 MILLION DOLLAR BONUS for "saving the company". All this from a "good god fearing christian married man, who was also a whore monger and adulterer like Gerry's HERO) while he FUCKED 235 of us out of our pay and pensions.

So, yeah, I WILL point out EVERY MIS STEP AND FUCK UP Der Fuhrer does and RUB YOUR NOSES IN IT.

By the way, how's that "big beautiful wall WE are going to build and MEXICO is going to pay for it" coming?????? MEXICO said FUCK YOU.

Or how about the "plan for AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYONE ON DAY ONE" he PROMISED?????????????

So, go ahead Gerry, get your panties in a bunch. I will CONTINUE to piss you off BECAUSE YOU HATE THE TRUTH.
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