1977 Road Ranger Camper - $800 (Conrad)

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condition: fair
make / manufacturer: Road Ranger
size / dimensions: 23 feet
year manufactured: 1977
Up for sale is a 1977 23' Road Ranger Camper.

It was used lightly by a local family for a handful of years, then parked for a long time. In 2021, I bought it, did a very thorough cleaning and repair and seam sealing, and then... never used it. Parked it in the country, and just pulled it into town this month.

I don't really need a camper, so I'd rather spend more time camping in a tent than some of that time cleaning this thing. That's why I'm selling it.

I have $2,700 in this camper. I'll sell it for $800 cash today, and the price will go up as I fix it until I fix it well enough that I decide to keep it.

Here's what it's all about:

Some mice did get in, but I think they're gone. I've literally hosed the entire thing down inside, and it's in process of drying now.

Sleeps: probably five technically. But the full-size bed is good for two. Basically this is comfortable for two adults and one or *maybe* two small kids.

Weight: I don't know but it's light.

Length: 23'

Tires: good!

Waterproofness: good!

Skylights: Clear vinyl tape is holding them together well, but they have cracked from years of sun exposure.

120V: Works! Lamps, outlets, everything.

12V: Works! Including all 12V lamps and fan.

Battery: Deader than my great granddaddy, but all the wiring is still good and tested. (It would be easy to add solar, I can show you how I'd do it if you want.)

Fan: Works!

Range: Works!

Oven: Worked BUT that's where the mice were so that's on the to-do list.

Water: Works! The pump is a little loud, but it works. I just flushed out the lines and there seem to be two small leaks to repair. Again, to-do list and I'll increase the price as I do stuff.

Toilet: Dunno, never tried. I'm probably not going to test this. But the bathroom and shower are fairly spacious all things considered.

Check valves: I replaced the black water check valve a couple of years ago, but as stated above I have not tested the black water (or gray).

Upholstery: So-so.

Linoleum: It's a cool color scheme, and it's mostly intact, but there is one part where it's been chewed up. I've hosed it all down and laid it in the sun to dry.

Curtains: So-so. Bonus: I have reflective material fitted for each window if you really want to block out the sun.

Windows: Work!

Fridge: Works! At least it did a few years ago, I haven't tested again yet. Both electric and propane powered.

Heater: Works! At least it did a few years ago, I haven't tested again. Thermocouple was cleaned and in good shape, but it's just a standard thermocouple if you ever need to replace it.

Propane tanks: Works! Two tanks with regulator. I assume they use the old-style valve.

Jacks: Work! I cleaned and painted them a few years ago and they look good.

Sway-bar hitch: complete and working!

E-brakes: Works!

Running lights: Works! However, they are delicate (needed contact cleaner and a wiggle to get them working). Also I'm missing a few bulbs up front, and two orange faceplates. On Amazon, you can buy a complete set (5 red / 5 amber) for $25 that looks like it will fit in place, and if I ever used this, I'd do the replacement. These old bulbs are fragile, and they aren't as bright or efficient as LED lights anyway. For $25, it seems a no-brainer.

Brake lights: Works!

Spare tire: Yes! However the mount that it's on is bent. I think the prior owner backed into something. I never asked him, didn't want to make him admit it.

Emergency e-brake / brakeaway box: Works! I installed that myself and tested it recently.

Electric harness: Works! It's a newer-style 7-pin type, and I have an adapter in case you have an old truck.

Hitch: Works! And it's complete with the anti-sway bars it came with

I seam-sealed it a few years ago and it's holding.

This is a really convenient unit in that everything is super accessible.

Two keys.

Two keys for the compartments too.

Bonus: I bought replacement lamps for all of the assorted lamps in the camper, so there are backups of everything. (Oops - not the running lights, but see above about buying a full set of replacement running lights that fits this camper for $25.00 total.)

Bonus: I have reflectix cut out for all the windows, in case you want to keep the sun away (it's not stuck on, just friction fit).

Bonus: If you want, I will even include pots and pans, dishware, towels and bedding that I bought to use in it.

The pics are from 2022, before I parked it. I'll take more, just so much to do.

I can deliver to you if you pay for gas and if it's far, a motel room.

Notarized MT title.

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